Racial Justice and Health Advocacy Committee

The RJHA Committee is composed of six members of the CSHE National Advisory Council, all of whom have their own unique connections and experiences within the healthcare ecosystem. The goals of the committee are the following: To identify the way systemic racism is harmful by recognizing how the root causes of racism as anti-blackness affect all people. To determine how the issue(s) identified by the eleven grantees connect to the root causes of racism, and how it effects all people. We understand anti-blackness as a function of white supremacy and one of the fundamental ways white supremacy was established in the U.S. (along with anti-Indigenous racism). Racial inequities persist even within other scopes of identity/determinants of health (i.e. gender, income, ability). Therefore, we center anti-black racism while uplifting an intersectional approach to fight against health inequities/structural oppression.As a committee, RJHA will work with CSHE’s 11 grantees to identify ways to connect the identified issue highlight co-creating strategies based on our knowledge and experiences in philanthropy, the healthcare ecosystem, and other institutions. Their guidance will support our nine grantees towards influencing policy change within their healthcare ecosystem by centering racial justice in their approach. 

Committee Members: 

  • Berneta Haynes, Georgia Watch 

  • Felipe Tendick-Matesanz, Vertical Strategies 

  • D’Anna Holmes, Astellas 

  • Joe Sammen, Center for Health Progress

  • Rick Gilfillan, C-Suite 

  • Ladasia Cooke, Community Catalyst

  • Karla Walker, Community Catalyst

  • Alexandra Abreu Boria, Community Catalyst