Meet Our Grantees!

Advocates for Justice and Education

State: Washington, D.C.

Local Community: Wards 1, 7, and 8

Population of Focus: Black and Latinx children with special health care needs

Project Title: DC Health Equity Project

Project Summary: Advocates for Justice & Education seeks to expand programming to build the capacity of parents to engage in parent-led advocacy efforts to eliminate racial disparities and improve equitable access to health care for Black and Latinx children and youth with disabilities and special healthcare needs (CYSHCN) using a hybrid of the Parent Café and Community Café models in the District of Columbia in Wards 1, 7, & 8. This project will focus on: 1) Creating and facilitating a needs assessment to assess the needs of families of CYSHCN; 2) Identifying, training, and supporting parents of CYSHCN in creating an advocacy agenda; 3) Bridge the gap between families and the healthcare ecosystem through the Community Café model; and 4) Build a mechanism to support the ongoing work of the community-led advisory panel.


Breastfeeding Hawaii

State: Hawaii

Population of Focus: Native Hawaiian nursing families

Project Title: Community Voices of Hawaii Leading the Change for Increased Breastfeeding Support

Project Summary: Breastfeeding Hawaii proposes a community-based project that elevates the voices of nursing families, with a specific focus on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island communities, to achieve a solution for increasing access to community breast/chestfeeding supports. Breastfeeding Hawaii seeks to bring together the wisdom and knowledge of the nursing communities and their support systems to change a Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) policy that requires a physician, physician-assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse license in order to reimburse for breastfeeding support services. This policy excludes coverage of almost all breast/chestfeeding support persons in the community including Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselors.


Cancer Patients Alliance

State: California

Local Community: Salinas Valley

Population of Focus: Latinx farmworkers

Project Title: Salinas Valley Alliance for Cancer Care Equity

Project Summary: Cancer Patients Alliance (CPA) is a grassroots patient nonprofit dedicated to improve cancer patient outcomes, address racial health disparities and enable cancer patients to be partners. CPA represents the disenfranchised of us in CA’s Salinas Valley (low-income Latinx farmworkers) while offering credibility of a world-renowned Science Board. Cancer is the main cause of death among Latinxs. Yet for Salinas Valley’s large low-income, Latinxs, farmworker, immigrant, indigenous population no cancer treatment exists locally. This project will expand dialog and build power for patients and providers to co-create solutions. Strategies will elevate voices, including a Patients’ Voices Video with compelling stories on the local healthcare system’s lack of cancer care, be a call-to-action, increase community support and provide knowledge to strengthen healthcare providers’ ability to join in policy change.


Ketchikan Wellness Coalition

State: Alaska

Local Community: Ketchikan

Population of Focus: Filipino

Project Title: Sama Sama Tayo sa Kalusugan -Healthier Together

Project Summary: The Ketchikan Wellness Coalition seeks to address the unequitable healthcare access that the Filipino population experiences. Lack of cultural understanding and approach in providers, policy and procedure decisions not including Filipino voices, and minimal resources to address unique issues affecting this population is exacerbated by the cultural values and historical socio-economic position of the Filipino community. They propose to engage a coalition of individuals, healthcare providers, and other community stakeholders to do some “deep work” in exploring and subsequently changing the systemic nuances that drive inequitable care for this population. With a grass roots, community-led approach they will identify solutions that work for the community and for providers, ensuring a just and culturally responsive health care system.


Make the Road Connecticut

State: Connecticut

Local Community: Hartford

Population of Focus: Black, Brown, immigrant, and working-class people

Project Title: Mi Vida, Mi Salud: Uplifting Immigrant Voices for Health Equity

Project Summary: Make the Road CT envisions communities where black, brown, immigrant, and working-class people are treated with dignity and respect and have equitable access to housing, healthcare, education, and other systems and resources. They are looking to improve interpretation and translation services in healthcare settings; ensure that immigrant communities have information about emergency funding, healthcare options, and resources; and advocate for the inclusion of immigrant voices in community assessments and decision-making. They plan on running a member-led campaign, meet with local health providers to share their demands, and take the demands to the insurance companies to push for more resources and expanded care options.


Partnership for Child Health

State: Florida

Local Community: Jacksonville

Population of Focus: Youth of color

Project Title: Mitigating Injustice in the Justice System: Advancing Health Equity Among Youth in Communities of Color

Project Summary: The proposed Health Equity initiative will address the health care, systems, and policies necessary to build a health care ecosystem to prevent and mitigate disproportionate involvement in the justice system (DIJS) among youth of color. By amplifying the voice and political power of communities of color, including youth; engaging the health sector as leaders in a health care ecosystem to address this social determinant of health; altering mental health practice to address behaviors rooted in chronic traumatic stress; and reframing the role of the legal system to advance supportive, non-punitive approaches to juvenile justice, they will establish an evidence-based, policy driven health care ecosystem—capable of responding to the root causes of racial DIJS—thereby mitigating the poor, disparate and inequitable outcomes it generates.


Padres e Hijos en Acción

State: Wisconsin

Local Community: Dane County

Population of Focus: Latinx families with children with special health care needs

Project Title: Building community solutions for health equity for Latino families of children with special health care needs

Project Summary: Padres e Hijos en Acción, in partnership with the Waisman Center University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will lead an initiative to address challenges faced by Latinx families with children with special health care needs (CSHCN) in Dane County, Wisconsin. Padres e Hijos en Acción and the UCEDD will organize and further educate families, and bring the voices, stories, and solutions from the Latino community together with key local stakeholders in the health care ecosystem to co-create solutions to achieve health equity for Latino families. The intended results are empowered Latino families, and a local healthcare system that recognizes their essential role in dismantling racism and oppression.


Promise Neighborhoods of Lehigh Valley

State: Pennsylvania

Local Community: Allentown

Population of Focus: Families of color

Project Title: Eliminating Violence in Healthcare with STRENGTH

Project Summary: Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley (PNLV) is a Black-led, anti-racist, liberation-based grassroots community organization that is led and staffed by neighborhood residents. PNLV will develop Eliminating Violence in Healthcare with STRENGTH (Safety,Trust, Relationships, Engagement, iNclusion, Greatness, and Trauma-inform Healing), drawing on health equity experience with public health messaging, trusted messengers, leadership development, and restorative practices. They will develop a cohort of STRENGTH Health Equity Leaders to explore local healthcare policy context and facilitate system level change to counteract a history of structural violence with restorative practices and Radical Welcome through story healing, policy assessments, and the creation of multistakeholder groups. The mission of PNLV is to foster cooperation among residents within the Greater Lehigh Valley to create safe, healthy, vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods, where children succeed in school and where adults and families thrive and want to live.


Refugee Community Partnership

State: North Carolina

Local Community: Durham and Orange counties

Population of Focus: Refugees and immigrants

Project Title: Health Knows No Borders: Using Language Justice to Democratize Health Care for Refugee and Immigrant Communities

Project Summary: The Refugee Community Partnership (RCP) seeks to address language barriers the refugee and immigrant community faces when trying to access health services in Orange and Durham County, North Carolina. They want to move beyond language access, and towards language justice, using a human-centered design. The RCP is comprised of 750+ refugee and undocumented members, hailing from Burma, Syria, the Congo, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico, and are overwhelmingly non-English speaking. RCP plans to mobilize institutions to localize their language services by contracting with local interpreters, send new refugee and migrant young adults to train to be interpreters, and provide proactive, assertive interpretation and navigation support.


Southern Birth Justice Network

State: Florida

Local Community: Miami-Dade

Population of Focus: Black and Brown birthing people

Project Title: Shifting Maternity Care Norms and Outcomes at Miami-Dade's Public Hospital System

Project Summary: Southern Birth Justice Network works across Miami-Dade County to build relationships with local decision-makers and advocate for policy change around birth justice issues. They seek to address the dangerous maternal health outcomes disproportionately impacting Black and Brown women and birthing people in Miami-Dade County, Florida. To shift Jackson Health Hospital culture, protocols and policies that reflect institutional racism, they will engage in provider education, community organizing and leadership development, and enforce hospital accountability.


West Marion Community Forum

State: North Carolina

Local Community: Marion County

Population of Focus: Rural Black and Brown community

Project Title: Equity in Health for Rural Black and Brown Communities

Project Summary: The purpose of the West Marion Community Forum is to create brave spaces for community members to share their stories, speak brutal truths, voice ideas, and build collective power to advance real and lasting changes. They support community identified priorities related to healthy eating and active living, childcare, housing, youth engagement, community engagement, immigrant justice, economic development, and health equity. They will partner with historically-excluded communities of color and institutional leaders at Mission Hospital McDowell to advance more culturally informed mental and behavioral health policies and practices. They plan to foster collaboration between grassroots and hospital leaders to co-create culturally informed mental and behavioral health policies, engage hospital staff in racial equity training, review current health policies and care delivery models at Mission Hospital McDowell, and implement new policies that integrate the findings from the partnership.