Cultural Translation Committee

The Cultural Translation Committee was formed as a result of listening and being mindful of the various cultural perspectives, practices and historical factors that may be included in the grantee proposals. It was important to members of the NAC that participants of the review committee had enough cultural awareness to make equitable decisions when scoring CFP’s. The theory of “cultural translation” would need to be adapted from theory into practice.  As a result, CSHE created the Cultural Translation Committee and worked together with the committee members to develop a definition and a larger framework for cultural translation. In the development of this grant-making process that centers cultural competency, agility, and humility, with the intention of increasing equity, and mitigating unconscious bias. 

Committee Members: 

  • Atum Azzahir, Cultural Wellness Center

  • Shelley Means, Native Organizing

  • Karla Walker, Community Catalyst

  • Alexandra Abreu Boria, Community Catalyst 

  • Emmy Ganos, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation