Cultural Translation

What is Cultural Translation?

Cultural Translation is a theory adapted from the Cultural Wellness Center. At CSHE we center cultural competency, cultural agility, and cultural humility, with the intention of increasing equity, and mitigating unconscious bias. CSHE has adapted it as a foundational practice in all aspects of CSHE programming. The overall goal of Cultural Translation is to provide a brave and welcoming place from which we can share knowledge and use collective knowledge for all aspects of programming, from community engagement to grant making.

How is CSHE using Cultural Translation?

The CSHE, program will be providing our grantees with Cultural Translation training so as they work in community and with their local health care system, they will gain the tools to apply these emerging practices.

Cultural Translation acknowledges that achieving equity is not just a learning process but is one that requires skill development. Although many social justice organizations are familiar with the theories of diversity, racial equity and inclusion, these theories often fail to include the practice of translating culture. With Cultural Translation, many organizations can move from theory to practice with the understanding that while theoretical knowledge is important, we want to shift towards practicing, building, understanding, and working together.