Our Work

Program Overview

Launched in 2019, Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE) seeks to make local health care systems more responsive to the needs of the community by elevating the voices of the people who hold the solutions. By sharing their stories, experiences and priorities, people of color and those who are underrepresented can play a critical role in co-developing responsive policies and practices that drive transformative change within the health system. 



CSHE Grantees 

The CSHE grantees are 11 dynamic organizations selected through an equitable process that reached community members doing powerful work in their neighborhoods, but who weren’t readily known to national advocacy organizations and funders. 

CSHE grantees are diverse in population, geography, mission, and work with community to address inequities impacting the health of communities of color and other people who face unfair and discriminatory barriers to economic and health security. From Alaska to Hawaii and California to Connecticut, grantees will focus on wide range of issues – from improving interpretation and translation services in health care settings to increasing access to breastfeeding supports to engaging local health systems in juvenile justice, and more. 

Each organization will receive funding for three years and will be assigned a Technical Assistance Support team consisting of Community Catalyst staffour National Advisory Council and our Technical Assistance Partners (TA partners), all of whom have deep knowledge and substantial track records of success securing and implementing policy that reflects the priorities of underserved communities.  

By the end of the three-year program, each grantee will have identified and assessed the health care system challenges its impact in their local community, and with their community will develop practice and policy change recommendations. 

Communities Represented in the CSHE Program:

  • Black/African American 
  • Latinx/Hispanic 
  • Refugees 
  • Immigrants 
  • Indigenous/Native American  
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 

Grantee Focus Areas Represented: 

  • Filipino
  • Disability 
  • Maternal Health 
  • Healthcare workers 
  • Young boys/men 
  • Chronic illness 
  • Systemic racism/social determinants  
  • Language justice and cultural competency


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